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Online store for gamers

Valorant's Forum

The forum of computer game Valorant


The website for the network of fixed-price stores


Service to enhance business opportunities and find IT professionals for all needs

Board Business Bot

Telegram chatbot for the search and selection of business development mentors


Marketing projects management and control system

Edit Suits

Online shop and website of men's business clothing brand

Kite Travel

Website for searching and planning kite surfing trips


Business information portal


High blood pressure prediction service


Personal life management platform


P2P food delivery service

Ski School Bukovel

Online booking application for a ski school


Marketing platform for the brands of sports goods


Platform for online shopping


Online platform for the startup ecosystem


Gift Voucher Management System

LMS system

Learning Management System

Challenges Bot

Your personal business-advisor

TechCarrotHUB Bot

Telegram chatbot that helps to coordinate communications inside a large hub of IT companies

Socar App

Mobile application for automation and modernization of purchase processes at the gas station.


Uber-like Aggregator for Brands, People and Society

[bvblogic] Bot

Telegram bot for the interactions with the visitors of an IT Event

Score Fishing

Application for adding and viewing results of fishing competitions


Mobile application of an online shop

Large online shop with electronics and other goods


CRM system for one of Ukraine’s leading online-shop

Logistics System

Web-system for the optimization of logistics processes of agricultural corporation


Website for selling and purchasing cryptocurrency

Axalta Axs

Mobile color matching app for powder coaters.

Оnline platform for various initiatives and synergy between them

Free classifieds №1 in Nigeria

Mobile application which helps to find the best wineries.

Best roads navigation system

Nimbus Note

Save everything you need!

Share your best holiday spots with friends

Service which provides financial and macroeconomic data

A website for searching exclusive real estate

Online system for booking tickets

Online system for booking air and railway tickets

A service for planning the most optimum air trips

Entertaining club portal

Online system for converting points into air-miles

Agro CRM

CRM system of agricultural corporation

The largest crowdfunding platform in Ukraine

Internet service for sharing and storage files

Online system for booking tickets

Online shop for search and purchase of mobile accessories according to the type of vehicle


 More than 500 customers worldwide trust us. We value customer confidence and business reputation of the company, therefore we maintain a high level of professionalism at all stages of project development.

We love [bvblogic] very much, and there are a lot of reasons for that, for instance:only a few developers are able to bear our demands and anxious attitude towards quality, despite the fact that we always choose the best companies for collaboration[bvblogic] fulfills new modules development in a qualitative way and also has managed to correct many bugs made by the company, that had developed our site earlier as a rule, only best companies are able to develop sites in ASP.NET, and [bvblogic] is one of them.
[bvblogic] staff is not just a well and smoothly operating a team of professionals, but also nice and pleasant people to communicate with, attentive to customers; they always respond to all our demands and requests very quickly and meet our requirements.
It’s fantastically comfortable to deal with [bvblogic], trust us, we have what to compare it with!

I will definitely contact them first for all my Wordpress customization needs!
They always reply to me very quickly and can perform a stellar job with little supervision (no need for back and forth e-mail) - they are very proactive and correctly understood all my requests in the assignment, which makes them very easy to work with.
Sometimes speed doesn't guarantee the quality, but this was not the case- both quality and speedy work delivered.

Bruno Brito, Chemspeed Technologies AG


About one year ago we began to cooperate with Bvblogic company and we don’t take a pity about our choice.
The high skilled executors with their punctuality let us realize few grand projects in short time. We’d like to tell special thanks to our manager, which make us glad by her skill level.
Thank you for your work and we hope for future productive cooperation!

Kuzma Safonov, Manager of FVD Media Limited


[bvblogic] created a brand new website for us in a very timely fashion and within budget. 
Having personally worked directly with their project managers and developers I would have no hesitation in recommending them. We still use [bvblogic] on a daily basis to maintain our website and add upgrades to it.

Craig Lennox, Director, Ember Glass Ltd.

Belfast, Northen Ireland

VNDesign has a great experience working - related to HTML animations - with [bvblogic] based on crazy mutual sense and up-to-date development knowledge.
For us the 'cool factor' is crucial: it is always a pleasure to work with bvblogic's proactive developer team. We highly recommend all potential customers for a growing business. Special thanks for Rostyslav Prytula, account manager.

Nikolett Virág, Executive, VNDesign Technology


The President of “Indigo” is thankful for implementation of e-licenses software using CMS OpenCart: “We appreciate your professional assistance. We are looking forward to future cooperation”.

We're pleased to provide a letter of reference regarding [bvblogic] company.
We have worked extensively with [bvblogic] over last year regarding internet trading projects and loyalty programs engines development and we are pleased to provide the recommendation for this wonderful team of professionals. 
[bvblogic] team has huge experience regarding the unique and complex information systems development with a large variety of technologies, programming languages, and platforms. We have been consistently impressed with [bvblogic] team in-depth knowledge and understanding of the business environment and their ability to solve complex issues effectively.
[bvblogic] professionals have shown their business vision and high level of commitment within each of the projects they have been involved.  It was a pleasure to deal with Lubov Civka, extremely professional and committed project-manager. Mykhailo Levandovsky is a brilliant-minded developer who is not only one of the most experienced IT Professional we have ever dealt with but also a business-oriented manager.
The designer helped us on many occasions to make platforms designs look much more simple, smooth and clear. He is undoubtedly one of the best designers on the market and is contribution was really great.
We are extremely satisfied by dealing with [bvbogic] team to achieve effective business results.

From the very beginning of cooperation with [bvblogic], I have been persuaded in the high level of responsibility of their employees in the performance of the tasks of various complexity. All the tasks are always accurately reviewed and implemented on time. In addition to the team of professional Software Developers, you can always count on Account Managers, who support the project as well.
I am very happy that we work with a team of experts whom I can trust. When we had some problems with hosting, in a short period of time the whole team of specialists was able to solve this issue, and we are very grateful for that.
I also want to emphasize the diligence of the developer, who is working on our project. The support of the project, provided by him at any time, helps to resolve the critical issues quickly and to implement the tasks on time.
The positive experience with [bvblogic] gives reason to talk about further cooperation on a regular basis.

Ruslan Magal, Director of "Food Service"


Guys are the leaders of their profession, they help to implement the tasks that are beyond other developers' capacity. We have been cooperating for a long time already and we are going to prolong our cooperation.

Oleg Diadishchev, Prime Publishing

Nashville, USA

We’ve worked with bvblogic on 3 projects so far.
Thanks to bvblogic’s broad resource pool and rapid response time, third-party clients regularly express satisfaction with their final products. The team’s ability to manage major projects smoothly and consistently ensures a strong ongoing partnership.
What did I find most impressive about bvblogic? They have a large team, and they can provide a multitude of services beyond web programming like mobile-app development. Being able to order different services from the same place is good for me since I don’t have to stay in touch with a number of companies.

Arvo Juhkov, CEO, Voolar Agency,


We offer custom menswear with online and offline showrooms in Singapore and the UK. People sign up online, come into the showroom, and are measured. We then have their measurement profiles so they can go and reorder online when necessary.
Initially, we had a booking tool that was relatively basic. Together with [bvblogic], we overhauled the booking tool, making it a lot more flexible and useful to our needs. In the end, we started with the development of an entire order management system that administers measurements and tracks orders along the process.
The impact of these systems is key for us. The booking part is super crucial. Before that, there was a customer service person who spent half her day answering customer calls to schedule and reschedule. The capabilities that we had were so limited. But those customer service calls have been reduced to a very low number now.
bvblogic’s streamlining of the booking system nearly eliminated customer service calls, reducing staffing needs. Their intuitive project management system allowed for an easy flow of information. bvblogic was an honest and transparent development partner.

Reto Peter, Founder, Custom Menswear Retailer


My client is so pleased that they plan to work with [bvblogic] themselves on another project. If the process is an indicator of what the final results are going to be, we’re very excited. I think it’s important to communicate often. When crossing different languages, it’s good to be clear what you’re expecting. They’ve always been able to understand what we’re looking for. I feel like we’re in good hands. They seem like a big firm but we’re getting personalized treatment.
They have the passion and the energy to execute well. They also have a depth of expertise, which is really nice. For this particular client that runs e-commerce platforms, there are so many different needs which [bvblogic] is able to handle. Their team acts like a small, nimble team but their company has a lot of resources to offer. It’s nice to be able to get things done with one agency.

Shawn, Principal, Startup Consultancy

Fort Collins, Colorado


We have worked with clients from more than 25 countries. Flexible approaches give us a chance to establish long-term partnership without any limits or barriers.

[bvblogic] has been working with Ukrainian government since 2000. The very first workflow management system and the largest governmental learning management system for Ukraine was developed with [bvblogic] contribution. Currently our company is more concentrated on private businesses and mostly doing medium and large scale projects. Although the largest active project has millions of active users, junior developers and interns are ready to work on much smaller solutions, which is always in demand in fast-growing markets.
[bvblogic] has a representative partner in Amsterdam, who might provide necessary help both in Dutch and English. In addition, numerous projects have already been completed for Dutch companies. Currently, our attention is concentrated on business network development in the country.

[bvblogic] has a representative office in Warsaw, Poznan, and Gdansk. Polish speaking account manager is ready to help both our clients and partners to clarify their needs. Unique eCommerce solutions in the Luxury Goods segment and integration of diverse CMS are the key projects on the market. To penetrate the market, [bvblogic] takes part in competitions, conferences and other public events.

[bvblogic] works mostly with large IT projects in the USA. The core Java team supports some complex applications for Linux and develops server-side solutions for some social networks. Besides, the team supports completed projects and constantly works on improvements in existing solutions. Even though the projects are of a considerable scale and might serve a good reference, neither names nor specific information may not be provided due to current NDA.

[bvblogic] works with a wholesale company in Brisbane, which develops its own solution for the improved client experience. The country is one of the richest in the world and the competition is extremely strong. Nevertheless, the cooperation is flourishing and the current project's outcomes bring not only satisfaction but also satisfy business goals. Besides, some small projects have been completed on oDesk and eLance for Australian companies. The market is promising even though it appears to be overcrowded with strong competitors.

Canada is a great country with thousands of opportunities for IT outsourcing. We do understand that the Canadian market demands advanced quality of service, moreover, fierce competition makes working on the market extremely challenging. Our new partner in Canada is developing a digital marketing agency and mutual work is truly insightful.

[bvblogic] in France is operating through partners in Paris, Monaco, and Marseille. Facebook applications such as games and engagement contests are among the most common projects in France. In addition, French companies provide us with an incredible number of projects for Flash to HTML5.0 transition. Regardless of cultural difference and aggressive competitive environment [bvblogic] work hard to provide the best possible quality to its clients and partners.

[bvblogic] in Germany is working directly with clients. In most of the cases, the cooperation is conducted via project managers and business analysts. Although sometimes [bvblogic] developers are working shoulder to shoulder with German development teams, the truth is, the very first experience was shocking in terms of the difference between expectations.  Nevertheless, the steps forward have been taken and te lessons have been taught. The cooperation with Germany is a significant experience for [bvblogic] business.

[bvblogic] has been working with the Ukrainian government since 2008. The very first workflow management system and the largest governmental learning management system for Ukraine was developed with [bvblogic] contribution. Currently, our company is more concentrated on private businesses and mostly doing medium and large scale projects. Although the largest active project has millions of active users, junior developers and interns are ready to work on much smaller solutions, which is always in demand in fast-growing markets.

[bvblogic] in United Kingdom
[bvblogic] in Hungary
[bvblogic] in Lithuania
[bvblogic] in Belgium
[bvblogic] in Greece
[bvblogic] in Sweden
[bvblogic] in Switzerland
[bvblogic] in Kazakhstan
[bvblogic] in Finland
[bvblogic] in Italy
[bvblogic] in Estonia
[bvblogic] in Czech Republic
[bvblogic] in Israel

[bvblogic] has a department of web developers in China. Chinese approach enriches company culture and brings numerous opportunities when a tremendous amount of routine work is required. Gradually, the hard-working developers prove to be a valuable asset. In terms of expertise, the senior developers provide directions from headquarters to ensure the highest quality. Moreover, QA in Ivano-Frankivsk always double-checks the solutions in order to increase its fault-tolerance and reliability.

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